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Massimiliano Messieri

Ausstellung 30. Januar bis 27. Februar 2005
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For 5 Audio CDs and 10 loudspeakers
Time: 10' 00"

Commissioned by INFM (National Institute for the Physics of the Material) for the INFMeeting 2000, Genoa, Italy

Electro-magnetical wave of the Leonids is the characteristic of Leonids' play.
The sound has been generated by the electro-magnetical waves irradiated from the cosmic-dust (the Leonids), that moves in the space at a pertinent speed in comparison with the earth of 240.000 Kmh. The recording of this radiation (and its conversion in sound) has been effected by NASA with a sounding ballon thr 18th November 1999. This real sound coming from the track (Leonids) of the Temple-Tuttle comet visible from the earth about every 33 years and the scientific themes (Simple and Complex) exhibited at the INFMeeting (Genoa, Italy) produce all musical structure.
The 5 tapes diffused with 10 loudspeakers, that surround the pubblic. The real sound develops in five different systems. Every sound has one's own musical structure, while the first sound (Leonids' sound) shifts from tape to tape, as a Leit motiv or an instrumental quintett with unlike sounds.
Every listener has, in relation to one's own position, a different auditory perception. The sound (concrete material) has been elaborated with signal's amplifications, filters, expansions, compressions, superimpositions, transpositions, etc.
This composition is the second in the European Music's History created with a space's sound, the first has been Pulsar by G. Grisey.

Massimiliano Messieri was born in Bologna in 1964. He is graduated in violoncello, in composition and in electronics music. Interested to the contemporary arts he directs one’s music research towards the interaction with them too. For this reason were born whit the Chorea Dance Company the ballets: Espressione I (Bologna, 1994), Quintetto (Bergamo, 1994), Tarkìz (Bologna, 1995) and Cabaret selvaggio (Milan, 1999) with the Pierpaolo Koss Dance Company. In the 1994, together with the artist D. Carati, he organised in Bologna the artistic project Art Difference - hypothesis of interaction and coincidences of artists, composers and poets debut works. In the 1996, it is published the artistic book Reazioni Interattive (D. Carati – M. Messieri) reviewed by L. Pestalozza and P. Serra Zanetti. In the 1997, the International Festival “Italian Mozart Association” in Rovereto, commissioned him (Supported Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg) the Don Juan, the redeemed rake (1998). In the 2000, the INFM (National Institute for the Physics of the Material) for the INFMeeting 2000 (Genoa), commissioned him Leonids’ play (for 5 recorded tapes, carryed on the Leonids’ sound recording by NASA). In the 2002, the Aschersleben’s Kunstverein commissioned him Sojour in Leipzig 12 music portraits for double bass and piano. In the 2003, the Stiftung Weimar Klassik commissioned him the Opera Gretchens Traum (2004). He has won the first-prize of the International Competition of the Composition 2 August (Bologna, 1997) and various National Competitions. Busily he has taken at the First Edition of Terra fertile National Meeting of Electronics Music (L’Aquila, 1994), at the XI and XIII International Interview Informatics Music (Bologna, 1995 e Gorizia, 1998). His scores have been commissioned and performed at the Town Theatre in Bologna and in Ferrara, at the Mozart Italia Association International Festival in Rovereto, at the Festival delle Nazioni in Rome, at the Music Festival in Città di Castello, Regional Parliament in Dresden, HAMU Hall Martinû in Prague, Ettersburg Church and Ettersburg Castle in Weimar, at the Something Else Chicago Radio, RadioRAI3, RaiTV3, Malta1, and in other festivals of contemporary music.

M. Messieri lives in Genoa and in Republic of Saint Marino, where since 2002 he is an organizer of musical reviews and he is Associate Professor at the Musical Institute.